Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dollar Country Episode 109 Show Notes (7/22/20)

1. Hank The Drifter - Hank You're Gone (But Not Forgotten) [1960's, New England]
    -Real name Daniel Raye Andrade, wrote a lot of songs about Hank Williams Sr, taking his name
     from Luke The Drifter
2. Jimmy Dallas - I've Got A Right To Know [1955, Westport Enterprises]
3. Billy Ray - The Story Of Suzie [1960, Titan]
    -Originally done by Bobby Woods in 1960, written by Billy Mize
4. The Nite-Cappers - Out Of Sight [1969?, Pal. Records]
    -Trio led by Wayne Brunner from Palmyra Wisconsin
5. Bennie Hess - Trucker's Blues [1965, Musicode Records]
    -Artist I've played on the show before, known for releasing his own records on his own labels including,      Spade, Jet, Pearl, Major, Space, and Musicode.  All based out of Texas
6. Jimmy Dodd - Don't Take Your Spite Out On Me [1966, Clark]

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7. Johnny Singer - Snake Bit [1960s, Country & Western Hits]
    -Label that released covers of popular artists for budget prices
8. Jim Morrison - Bill Bailey [1963, Curley Q Records]
    -Song based on the real Bill Bailey from Jackson, Michigan.  Not that Jim Morrison.
9. Harley Gabbard - Uncle Bill's Still [1962, Ark]
10. Glenn Lehman and The Dunbar Mountain Boys - Wild Bill Jones [Unknown date, Princeton Recs]
    -Appalachian fiddle/banjo murder ballad that was first collected in the early 1900's
11. Wilburn Brothers - Till I'm The Only One [1958, Decca]
12. Tharon Guffey - How Many Knew Him On The Eleven Flight [1960s, Country Style Records]
    -About Continental Flight #11, blown up by bomb for insurance fraud, didn't work out.

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13. Margie Singleton - Jesus Is My Pusher [1974, Ashley Records]
    -Margie had a long career originally with Starday and later moving to Mercury and Ashley
14. Cajun Trio - Wabash Cannon Ball [1960s?, Swallow]
    -Cajun french tune from Dave
15. Hawkshaw Hawkins - Twenty Miles From Shore [1961, Columbia]
    -Oil rig tune
16. Blaze Fury - I Want To See Rita Tonight [1968, Twin Town]

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17. Bob Lominac - Have A Heart [1967, Malinda Records]

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