Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Dollar Country Episode 111 Show Notes (8/19/20)

 [Set 1]
1.  Montana Slim - Away Out On The Mountain [1957, Decca]
2.  Jack Bradshaw - Jo Jo [1958, Mar'vel]
  - Hammond, IN label, Bradshaw also released on Decca
3.  Bennie Hess - Wild Hog Hop [1958, Show Land]
  - Sent from Rob at Little Axe
4.  Eddie Noack - Honeymoon With The Blues [1965, Stoneway]
  - Houston label that Noack recorded a only a few singles on in the mid 60s
5.  Jimmy Patton - Preacher And A Girl Of The Night [1965, Sims]
  - LA label started by Russell Sims in the mid 50s, Jimmy Patton was one of the first artists released on Sims
6.  Whitey Knight - Another Brew, Bartender [1956, Sage And Sand]

--Talking Break--

7.  Little "Doc" Raymond and the Coleman Pardners - Highway 52 [1968, Coleman]
  - Doc was a guitarist/truck driver based in Virginia.  About Rte 52 that goes through VA
8.  Blake Berglund - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blues Eyes [2020, Armadillo Tail]
  - Local Cleveland label's first release, recorded live to lacquer at the Ernest Tube in Bristol, VA
9.  Lois Kaye - He's The Only Boy [1966, Log Cabin]
  - Mt Healthy Ohio label
10.  B.J. & The Pine Kones - Don't Do This Don't Do That [1972, Camaro]
  - Style Wooten production.  Out of Memphis, TN.  BJ doesn't seem to have anything else but I love the sound of this one.
11.  Zeb Turner - I Got Loaded [1951, King]
12.  Lewis Pruitt - Timbrook [1960, Decca]

--Talking Break--

13.  Sir Nimrod Doilstone - I'm Fine [1962, Dee Jay]
  - Same artist as Lorn Wall, seems to be from Oklahoma City, or at least the label is.  Both sides of this 45 are identical to the recordings on my Lorn Wall 45 but this one is under a different name on a different label. Featured on the DC mini episode on outsider artists, link below
14.  Cal Veale - Paralyzed [1970, Spring]
15.  Jimmie Logsdon - Death Of Kathy Fiscus [1962, Self Released EP]
  - Story of Kathy Fiscus a 3 year old girl who fell into a well in 1949 and died
16.  Bill Beeny - Ballad Of Billy The Kid [Early 1960s, Temple]
  - St Louis pastor known for doomy preaching and being an Elvis is still alive conspiracy theorist
  - This song and another previous played on episode 094 of Dollar Country

--Final Break--

17.  Allen Ross - Trekies Delight [1979, Self Released]

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Dollar Country Episode 110 Show Notes (8/5/20)

Set 1 [13:49]

1. Larry Good - Money Troubles [1964, Nashville]
  -KC artist with releases on Brass, R, Topic, Pearce, and ran publishing entity Lari-Jon Music
2. Gary Meister - Death Row [1972, Laurie]
  -Artist seems to be from New England (ME/NH)
3. Gil Millam - Jim Cole [1973, Chart Records]
  -Trucking tune
4. Joanna Moore - C.B. Widow [1960s, Moon Records]
  -Seems to be unrelated to any other Moon Records I've seen. Trucking tune
5. Bennie Hess - Truck Drivin' Man [1965, Show Land Records]
  -Trucking tune.  Self released.
6. Carl Gillion - Mother Trucker [1970s, Popularity]
  -Label owned by Bennie Hess, trucking tune that was cut from the mixtape

--Talking Break--

Set 2 [14:01]

7. Charlie Monroe - Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There [1950, RCA Victor]
  -Green vinyl RCA, older brother of Bill Monroe
8. Al Bain - Which Way'd They Go [1965, Green Mountain Records]
9. Wiley Barkdull - No One Will Ever Know [1957, Hickory Records]
10. Junie Lou - Mr. Ray [1965, Process]
11. Bill Bacon - (I Gotta) Fall In Love With You [19??, Skylite Records]
12. Lee Nichols - Baby You've Got Everything [1954, Allied Record Sales]
  -Nicer copy of a song I played on episode 004 (10/24/16)

--Talking Break--

Set 3 [15:02]

13. Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar [19??, Derrick Records]
  -From Arkansas, first played DC075 (4/1/19), also on the first mixtape
  -Unknown year, but I'd assume late 60s early 70s
14. Doc Williams - Troubled Mind [1956, Wheeling Records]
  -Born in Cleveland, settled in W.VA
15. Gene Nitz - That's You Honey [1960s, Country Caravan Records]
16. David L. Cash - Let Me Love You One More Time (And Be A Fool Again) [19??, Stargo Records]
17. Ron Mason - The Hard Times Come Easy For Me [1969, Newhall Records]

--Final Talking Break--
--sign out, socials, mixtape etc--

18.  Eddie Noack - It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye [1961, D]

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Dollar Country Episode 113 Show Notes (9/16/20)

 [Set 1]   1.  Cowboy Copas - Hangman's Boogie [1949, King Records] 2.  Bashful Bob - Please Pass The Biscuits [1964, Sure]   - Label fr...