Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Dollar Country Episode 110 Show Notes (8/5/20)

Set 1 [13:49]

1. Larry Good - Money Troubles [1964, Nashville]
  -KC artist with releases on Brass, R, Topic, Pearce, and ran publishing entity Lari-Jon Music
2. Gary Meister - Death Row [1972, Laurie]
  -Artist seems to be from New England (ME/NH)
3. Gil Millam - Jim Cole [1973, Chart Records]
  -Trucking tune
4. Joanna Moore - C.B. Widow [1960s, Moon Records]
  -Seems to be unrelated to any other Moon Records I've seen. Trucking tune
5. Bennie Hess - Truck Drivin' Man [1965, Show Land Records]
  -Trucking tune.  Self released.
6. Carl Gillion - Mother Trucker [1970s, Popularity]
  -Label owned by Bennie Hess, trucking tune that was cut from the mixtape

--Talking Break--

Set 2 [14:01]

7. Charlie Monroe - Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There [1950, RCA Victor]
  -Green vinyl RCA, older brother of Bill Monroe
8. Al Bain - Which Way'd They Go [1965, Green Mountain Records]
9. Wiley Barkdull - No One Will Ever Know [1957, Hickory Records]
10. Junie Lou - Mr. Ray [1965, Process]
11. Bill Bacon - (I Gotta) Fall In Love With You [19??, Skylite Records]
12. Lee Nichols - Baby You've Got Everything [1954, Allied Record Sales]
  -Nicer copy of a song I played on episode 004 (10/24/16)

--Talking Break--

Set 3 [15:02]

13. Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar [19??, Derrick Records]
  -From Arkansas, first played DC075 (4/1/19), also on the first mixtape
  -Unknown year, but I'd assume late 60s early 70s
14. Doc Williams - Troubled Mind [1956, Wheeling Records]
  -Born in Cleveland, settled in W.VA
15. Gene Nitz - That's You Honey [1960s, Country Caravan Records]
16. David L. Cash - Let Me Love You One More Time (And Be A Fool Again) [19??, Stargo Records]
17. Ron Mason - The Hard Times Come Easy For Me [1969, Newhall Records]

--Final Talking Break--
--sign out, socials, mixtape etc--

18.  Eddie Noack - It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye [1961, D]

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