Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Dollar Country Episode 112 Show Notes (9/2/20)

This episodes cover photo features Burt Munro a New Zealander famous for his feats regarding speed on his motorcycle.  I highly recommend you watch this short doc about him.  He's an interesting man.
[Set 1]

1. Tex Larabey - Music To Get Stoned To [1968, Nashville Records]
  - Flip side played on DC #060 (9/3/18)
2.  Rita Lorraine - Dark Back Street Alley [1970s, G. B. Records]
3. Hank Locklin - Empty Bottle, Empty Heart [1956, 4 Star Records]
  - He had the opening track on DC #003
4. The Farmer Boys - I'm Just Too Lazy [1955, Capitol]
  - Bobby Adamson and Woody Murray.  Both from AR but met in California
  - Had their first break on Cousin Herb Hensons show in Bakersfield
  - Dedicated to Brad at Taco Zone
5. Fred Prue with Roy Baxter & His Combo - Don't Wink At Me [1957, Arctic]
6. Wayne Raney - I Had My Fingers Crossed [1951, King]
  - Originally from Wolf Bayou Arkansas, later moved back to AR to start Rimrock Records
--Talking Break--
[Set 2]
7. Rose Maddox - There Ain't No Love [1961, Capitol]
8. Ann J. Morton - Molly Jones [1976, Prairie Dust Records]
  - Originally played on DC #074, the Bechdel Test episode
9. Freddy Taylor - In Your Own Little Way [19??, Bird Dog Records]
  - Bird Dog is a gospel label from Waynesboro GA, this seems to be the only country on it
10. Sonny Miller - The Girl I Love [19??, Dee Jay]
  - Appalachian Fiddler known for playing Del McCoury and Hershel Sizemore
11. Neal Merritt - Bartender Sell Me The Bar [1968, Stop]
12. Harry F. Chestler - Dragging Me Down [1967, Tawas Records]
  - From Alaska, I don't see many records from there

--Talking Break--
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[Set 3]
13. Eddie Miller - Behind Closed Doors [1955, 4 Star Records]
  - Miller originally from Camargo, OK.  Worked as train engineer before music
14. Rocky Lane and Vernon Miller - Crazy Road Hog [1960, Ridgecrest Records]
15. Eddie Lee - I'll Think Of You [1968, Throne]
  - Written by Elmo Linn and Jimmy Dallas, KC label, KC artists, both the song writers were
  - featured in the August patreon episode as well
16. Linda Cassady & Urel Albert - Mom, Can I Bring Home A Friend [1970s, Nashville Country]
  - Vietnam song
17. Frank Dycus - My Pursuit Of Happiness [19??, Romco Records]
  - Label from Wichita, KS.  Played Dycus on DC #078
18. John T. Singer - Big Fat Mama [1975, Phono]
  - Drum machine country
--Talking Break--
19. Buddy Landon - Hot 100 Of The Lord [1977, Claridge Records]
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